If a dry, boring press release jumped off a bridge….

.. would your company write it’s own dry, boring press release and follow it down?

Sadly, the answer to that is a resounding yes.

Christopher Ratcliff wrote a piece for eConsultancy.com that made light of this in his post titled “45% of companies say content marketing is ‘highly integrated’ with their SEO strategy” when he wrote:

“Instead of firing off the same boring press release to whichever journalists will listen to and parrot its dry copy, providing an audience with quality content means providing them with something they can engage with, share and ultimately do your own marketing for you.”

I work for PR Newswire, a syndication and production company. NOT, mind you, a “press release company”. Or at least that is what I’m looking to convey.

Press releases are perceived as boring and dry and self serving and many other things such as being dead. But this is because most press release authors are not taking the initiative to do something different; something fun; something worthy of consumer and media attention.

Christopher is suggesting that “providing an audience with quality content means providing them with something they can engage with, share, and ultimately do your own marketing for you.” I couldn’t agree more.

The CONTENT ADVISORY (sted press release) can be just that. And you know what? It freakin’ works.

You can send (almost) any content that you want across our syndication network.

  • Send an unbranded advisory that amplifies your latest blog post.
  • Write a Top 5 Tips advisory.
  • Showcase what questions you can answer or problems you can address for your core audience.
  • etc.

NOW SYNDICATE IT ACROSS OUR NETWORK! If you have done your homework then you’ll have just put your message(s) or assets in the path of your target audience(s) in a format that can be engaging, sharable, and will help tell your story.

See: How content distribution drives message visibility.

So… if you are someone tasked with writing “press releases” please stop and step away from the railing. Is what you’re writing something you’d want to read? Are you helping your audience? Is your headline something your audience would see as being useful, helpful, or clickable? 

Don’t be another statistic. Don’t write another release that gives Christopher reason to write that all press releases are dry and boring. Stop feeding that perception. Thin about your audience and write the stuff that you want to write.



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